TiCARD Technology

US PATENT 8256667;  GB PATENT 2476987B.

Start-up the TiCARD Technology was established in January 2009 by six professionals with technical, engineering, law, economic and IP background.

The vision of the TiCARD Technology is to turn our invention – a transaction card that can generate a new CVV code for each transaction – called SMART CARD (a patent application in the UK published in January 2010) to all existing forms of the transaction cards and to become R&D leader in the development of the security technological supplements of the transaction cards.

Mission of our start-up is a development of the prototype of the SMART CARD and technology transfer of our technology to the selected credit card issuing companies.

At this point we are now looking for the potential strategic investor(s) (Credit Card Issuing Company) willing to sign a technological transfer contract (exclusive license agreement) ) to issue and to implement SMART CARD within its credit card system. Profit received from the technological transfer contracts and from the annual contract/license fees will be used for further research in the area of security improvement of other transaction cards, like for flight cards, ID cards, passports, worker cards, hotel keys, casino’s cash charge, parking cards, high security implementations and etc.